Partner Info
Network: Freedom!, AnyTV
Channel: MCNFreedom
Users: MrRedstone9000, Jarrah_tree
Status: Active

About Freedom! Edit

Freedom! is a partner network used by two specific and main people in this wikia. First off, MrRedstone9000, he has been partnered with Freedom! since 13 June 2015. Ever since, he has found this network successful and most helpful out of all that he has been in. He is now 'semi-permanent' to the partner network and will most probably not leave the network.

Secondly, Jarrah_tree, is also partnered with Freedom!. This has happened since June or July of 2015. Jarrah_tree does not pay much attention to the partner network of Freedom! but still sits there and plays games.

How do I join Freedom!™? Edit

To join Freedom!'s partner network, you must accept the terms and requirements below:

  • At least 33 views a day (thats 1,000 a month)
  • Your channel must be in good standing. (no copyright strikes)
  • There are no 'content' requirements (gaming, lifestyle, etc)

The second list is the BENEFITS of joining Freedom!:

  • There are NO lock-in-contracts. You may leave any time.
  • No minimum payout.
  • Revenue share (start at 60%, grow to 110%)
  • No withholding tax.
  • Content ID support. (your copyrighted material, they will take down reuploads of your videos.)
  • You get FULL ownership of your OWN channel. You do not need to change anything, Freedom! is your technical partner.

Lastly, join Freedom! and become a great creator:

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