Hello and welcome to another Wood & Dust episode...

–Wood & Dust Crew, all episodes.

Wood & Dust

Series Info
Series: Wood & Dust
YouTube Channel(s): MrRedstone9000 & Jarrah_tree
Collabrators:: MrRedstone9000 & Jarrah_tree
First Episode Date: June 6 2015
Last Episode Date: N/A

About Edit

Wood and Dust is a series that Jarrah_tree and MrRedstone9000 contribute to for to play games that are in a series. This consists of two people talking over Skype, but usually they are in the same venue recording with an Elgato game capture card for console games. Mainly Wii U by Nintendo®. You can see the games Wood & both Dust have played together in this freshly new series.

Episodes are not confirmed for upload, or are never scheduled. The good thing about it is that THEY HAPPEN ON SURPRISE!

Games Played Edit

The following games have been played in the series together:

  • Minecraft
  • Splatoon!™
  • Super Smash Bros 4
  • The Impossible Quiz

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